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  • New ideas for livestock marketing in Tasmania Food For Thought New ideas for livestock marketing in Tasmania KLR has broadened the horizons of livestock marketing in Tasmania, with a  ..

  • A New High for KLR Marketing KLR Marketing has transformed the landscape of livestock marketing into a revolutionary new scene that is instigating viability and profitability in farming operations Australi ..

  • KLR CELEBRATES 10 YEARS Ten years ago, in August 2004, three excited farmers stood before a room of ninety people in Brisbane and launched KLR Marketing. To Rod Knight, Jim Lindsay and Gr ..

  • Realising Your Dream With KLR Realising Your Dream with KLR We hear young people are leaving the land, we hear there is no future in farming as capital entry costs are prohibitive, and  ..

  • A Sceptic Tackles KLR Mandy and Brian McKeesick sceptic n. : someone who habitually questions accepted knowledge or belief Whenever something sounds too good to be true I u ..

  • Banking on KLR BANKING ON KLR Too often, as livestock producers, we focus on the day to day running of our business and before we realise it is time for the annual bank review. So ..



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