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KLR Profit Calculators

Your KLR Mastermind special membership area will have access to over 20 "KLR Profit Calculators".


They include :                     

Mastermind Calculators

Cattle Trading

Cattle Trading  Calculator
Cattle  $$/Head Cattle
Cattle Females Cents/ Kg
Cattle Trading Cow / Calf
Cattle Trading Up 

Cattle Breeding

Cattle Cost to Produce a Weaner
Cattle Weaner Heifer to Pregnant
Cattle Pregnant Heifer to 1st Calf
Cattle 1st Calf to 2nd Pregnancy
Cattle Cost to Carry a Steers for 12 months

Sheep Trading

Sheep Trading Calculator  
Lamb  Trading Calculator
Sheep Trading Up
Lamb Trading Up 

Sheep Breeding

Sheep cost to Produce a Weaner with Wool
Sheep cost to Produce a Weaner without Wool 
Sheep Weaning to Scanning
Sheep Scanning to Lambing
Sheep Lambing to 2nd Pregnancy 

Business Tools

KLR Business Analyser
KLR Trading Tracker
Livestock Inventory Recorder
 Buyers Bidding Sheet 
Sheep & Cattle Fodder Calculator

Video Training

Step by Step Videos on how to use each calculator.  

Tele-Conference Calls

On a regular basis, KLR will give you access to high caliber people in the industry, who are pushing the boundaries of current thinking ! These guest speakers will share information with you that would otherwise cost you a small fortune to travel, accommodate and attend their training. KLR have organised it so you can just dial up or listen in on your computer and hear what they have to say!

PLUS you will have an opportunity to ask questions, get assistance and maybe even create breakthroughs in your business!!

If you would like to hear what these guest speakers have to say, then Join Now so that we can let you know when the next teleconference is scheduled - then you too, can be part of the next call!

Plus we let you use our dedicated teleconference system for your business or community meetings Free as part of your membership.

Group Tele-Coaching

 ‘Group Tele-coaching’  This is where Jim, Grahame and Rod will answer specific questions pertaining to your business and the KLR methods.

Jim, Rod and Grahame run regular coaching calls using KLR's dedicated teleconference system, where you can interact, asking questions and hear others experience using KLR.

During these calls you will be coached and mentored to improve your livestock marketing, AND you will have the ability to ask questions about your own trading business!!

This is a great opportunity to find out what issues and successes others are having in the industry and to keep in contact with those who are successfully following the KLR Principles!

As a full KLR Mastermind member, you receive these bonus calls as part of you membership fee*!

ALL Tele-conferencing calls will be recorded onto Mp3 and audio CD which are posted to you after each call so you won't miss a thing no matter how busy your schedule is!

I think the phone hook up was a huge success. We found the speakers and topic excellent, especially in the current climate. It is very re-assuring to hear from people making decision and getting on with business. Anyway, great idea!
Sam Kirby, NSW

55 Hours of Interviews on CD

   We hold regular teleconference's with guest speakers who are experts in their field. These teleconferences are recorded, edited and mailed out regulalry throughout the year.

Listen to speakers from Australia, USA and South Africa each month, all you need to do is slip the cd into the player in your car.

 In your 1st year as a Mastermind member we send you 50 of the best speakers from previous teleconferences.

Each cd goes for 1 hour so  you have a full 55 hours of listening in your 1st year as a mastermind member. Not to mention the 8 cd's we send you throughout the year.                                                                   

 Each year we produce a Year Book which includes tips and articles on how to improve your marketing skills. Rod Knight writes regular articles on how to use KLR to maximise profits.

Each new member receives a copy of the KLR Year Book.

Weekly Newsletter by Email

Each weekly email members will receive a newsletter talking about market opportunities (and pit falls) as well as answers to frequently asked questions, updates and coaching.

The newsletter will also keep members up to date with advances in all aspects of the KLR Marketing network.

Coaching and Mentoring Days

During the year we provide many opportunities for you to attend a coaching and mentoring day in your region.These prove to be valuable days where you can hear others experiences and also have all your questions answered.

Repeat KLR School

As a Mastermind member we offer you the opportunity to repeat the KLR school  for $440 inc gst. Many people come back each year and report that attending more than once has been very benificial.

Online Knowledge Centre

The KLR Mastermind Knowledge centre is a growing resource, complete with videos,audios and articles to help you continue to grow and implement the KLR system for your business.This also will include a forum where you can network and share your experiences with other Mastermind members.

Sell / Buy / Agist

The Sell / Buy / Agist platform allows you to upload an advertisment for you to trade inventory. As part of you membeship this is where you can let others know what you are looking to buy or sell.

 Example of a classified.

Agistment  Available for 200  steers under 250 kg. Grass available 6 months. Good waters, good Yards, paddocks well fenced.
$5.00 / Hd per week paid in advance

Contact: Grahame Rees - Ph................. Email .......................


   When you  join the KLR  Mastermind you become a member of a group of livestock producers from all states in Australia as well as South Africa and Canada.

The value provided to KLR Mastermind members is difficult to put a dollar figure on, however KLR is committed to providing cost effective program that delivers results to what is probably your second biggest investment - Livestock.

To become part of the KLR Mastermind and receive all the benefits and tools,
your investment is $147/ month.

 We accept cheque or credit card as payment.

APPLY NOW TO BECOME A MEMBER (application only)           ************     CONTACT US TO DISCUSS MORE