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 At the 2 1/2 day KLR Marketing School, we reveal:

  • The formula for successful livestock marketing
  • How to calculate if animals are overpriced or under-priced
  • How to balance your feed, livestock and money inventories
  • How to protect your equity
  • How to determine the true value of your grass
  • Why knowing your Cost of Carry is crucial
  • How to act on this knowledge.

You will learn exactly how to make money in any market! At the KLR Marketing School you will learn simple, powerful and proven livestock sell/buy strategies that have been developed to maximise your cash flow while minimising the market risk. Make a profit and have cashflow throughout the whole market cycle! Our school provides you with the tools, knowledge and expertise to profit from your livestock no matter what the market direction is.

At the 2 Day School you will:


  • What determines which animals are overpriced or under-priced
  • How to act on this knowledge
  • What really drives markets
  • That profit can be made in a falling market.


  • That no one really knows which direction the market will take or when
  • If you are a breeder you are a trader
  • Your cost of carry has a direct effect on market values
  • Your most important asset is the grass you grow and the most important decision you will make is how well you sell it
  • Livestock values are one thing, the value of your grass is another. The interrelationship between the two is what represents the true market value.

Be Able To

  • Calculate whether animals are overpriced or under-priced
  • Balance your Grass, Money and Livestock
  • Protect your equity
  • Determine the true value of your grass
  • Calculate your Cost of Carry and its crucial effect on your marketing decisions.

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