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Putting KLR to Work

"Putting KLR to Work" is a 1/2 day program held on the 3rd day of the KLR Marketing School.

This is a day where you can slow down after an intensive 2 days at the KLR Marketing School, where you will be walked through every step on getting started,ask questions, and hear from Mastermind members using KLR.This day is designed so you get to implement your new knowledge faster.


We walk you through the various tools on your Flash Drive as well as the many tools in the Mastermind program.

The most common question is "How do I get Started?". We spend time taking you through the steps to get you started. 

The day starts at 8.30am, includes both smoko and lunch, and the formal part of the day finishes with lunch at 12.30pm.

Quite often we go on into the afternoon with Mastermind members, however you are welcome to stay.

Going on feedback from past graduates, it is essential to take the extra 1/2 day to cement what you learned in the previous 2 days.