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Words from the KLR Marketing founders



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Bud Williams


"The number one unfair advantage of grazing is knowing how to sell livestock"

Bud & Eunice Williams came to Australia for the first time in 1999, teaching stockmanship schools. When we met Bud and Eunice, we knew right away they were something special. Yet it was not until we travelled to Spokane, Washington, to attend Bud's marketing school in 2003 that we understood the simplicity of marketing livestock profitably.

Since that time, Bud and Eunice have assisted us to develop his marketing principles for Australia into what we call the KLR Marketing School.

Bud passed away on 25th November, 2012 at the age of 80 years.

Up until this time he continued posting comments and answering questions via his subscription site. His wife and life long partner Eunice continues to share Bud's message at www.stockmanship.com

Grahame Rees

  When Bud Williams invited us to Spokane, USA, to attend his marketing school, I really had no idea the impact it would have on me or the Australian livestock industry. After day one, Rod, Jim and I sat in our hotel room that night in lively discussion as we realised the profits that could be made using Bud’s principles in Australia.
We decided there and then that we would do whatever it took to bring this information to people seeking to maximise the profit from their livestock business. You may find it difficult to focus on profit in an industry obsessed with production. 

It is important we spend time and money on genetics, breeding and finishing our product. We also need to spend time focusing on making the most profit from the grass we have, using the principles taught at the KLR Marketing School, we can sleep at night knowing the risk has been taken out of marketing.

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Rod Knight

Since using the KLR methodology in our own business in the past, I've come to realise that the real benefit of it is being able to manage our way through difficult situations far better than anything else we had seen.

There will be always times in the industry where we struggle with the markets not moving in the way that we had thought or the season not panning out the way that we would like. The beauty of being able to use the KLR methodology is it helps us manage our way through those risks.

My hope for those who choose to take on the KLR Marketing skills, will make marketing decisions based on facts and mathematics rather than emotion.

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Jim Lindsay

  This method introduced to us by Bud Williams has provided our business with a unique tool. It has been a valuable experience in terms of being able to create profit.

The paradigm shift has been huge. We now focus on what we can control: pasture, product and profit.

The KLR Marketing Schools are for livestock producers who are serious about creating consistent profit, by identifying underpriced and overpriced animals in today's market. It is also about understanding the value of  balancing inventories of grass, money and livestock.

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