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About our 2 1/2 day School

Welcome to the KLR Marketing School - where you learn to profit from your livestock, regardless of market direction!

The most difficult decisions we face as producers are knowing what to sell, when to buy, and how to guarantee a profit.

We are inundated with market intelligence and so-called ‘experts’ telling us what the market has done and what it is going to do.

The KLR Marketing school is applicable to every livestock producer, cattle breeder, sheep breeder and backgrounders of those livestock.

We teach you the principles and application of those principles in order for you to maximise cashflow and profit in your livestock business.

The KLR formulae will, perhaps for the first time give you the decision making framework to put you in control of your marketing.



Traditionally we seem to be always considering ......

  • Do we sell?
  • Do we hold?
  • Will the market go up ?
  • Will the market go down ?
  • Will it rain or not ?
  • What will happen next week?

The KLR Marketing School takes a whole new look at the way we manage our :

Grass  -  Money  -  Livestock

When we understand how to value these three things we reduce our market risk.

David & Ruth Reid

Do you know:

  • Which animals are overpriced and which animals are underpriced on today’s market?
  • The price relationship between what we have to sell and what we can buy, today?
  • That if you are a breeder you are a livestock trader?
  • When the best time is to Sell and when the best time is to Buy?
  • How confident would you feel, knowing that you have the answers to these questions and the information you needed to make better decisions about the future of your livestock business
  •  AND be able to PROFIT in any market ?                                      


At the 2 1/2 day KLR Marketing School, we reveal:

  • The formula for successful livestock marketing
  • How to calculate if animals are overpriced or under-priced
  • How to balance your feed, livestock and money inventories
  • How to protect your equity
  • How to determine the true value of your grass
  • Why knowing your Cost of Carry is crucial
  • How to act on this knowledge.


You will learn exactly how to make money in any market! At the KLR Marketing School you will learn simple, powerful and proven livestock sell/buy strategies that have been developed to maximise your cash flow while minimising the market risk. Make a profit and have cashflow throughout the whole market cycle! Our school provides you with the tools, knowledge and expertise to profit from your livestock no matter what the market direction is.

At the 2 Day School you will:


  • What determines which animals are overpriced or under-priced
  • How to act on this knowledge
  • What really drives markets
  • That profit can be made in a falling market.


  • That no one really knows which direction the market will take or when
  • If you are a breeder you are a trader
  • Your cost of carry has a direct effect on market values
  • Your most important asset is the grass you grow and the most important decision you will make is how well you sell it
  • Livestock values are one thing, the value of your grass is another. The interrelationship between the two is what represents the true market value.

Be Able To

  • Calculate whether animals are overpriced or under-priced
  • Balance your Grass, Money and Livestock
  • Protect your equity
  • Determine the true value of your grass
  • Calculate your Cost of Carry and its crucial effect on your marketing decisions.

You will go home with knowledge and tools to make a profit and have cash-flow throughout the whole market cycle. 


  • To know how to calculate your Cost of Carry for each livestock enterprise. 
  • To know which overpriced animals to sell and which underpriced animals to keep. 
  • To be able to determine the true value of your grass. 
  • To market your animals profitably.

Flash Drive


You will receive a Flash Drive loaded with calculators and
videos that will allow you to get started right away

Cattle Trading

Cattle Trading Calculator
Cattle $$/Head Cattle 

Cattle Breeding

Cattle Cost to Produce a Weaner

Sheep Trading

Sheep Trading Calculator  
Lamb Trading Calculator

Sheep Breeding

Sheep cost to Produce a Weaner with Wool
Sheep cost to Produce a Weaner without Wool  

Business Tools

Livestock Inventory Recorder  

Video Training

Step-by-Step Videos on how to use each calculator.  
   Your tuition includes a 200-page manual with a
summary of the school and step-by-step instructions
on implementing the KLR Principles. 

A Marketing and Trading Plan Template for you
to personalise.

Plus an Opportunity to Join KLR Mastermind Group

The KLR Mastermind is our follow up program for graduates and is made up of advanced tools like  sheep and cattle calculators,our unique Business Analyser, the KLR App and over 60 plus daily livestock market reports via the 30 second market report. 

Combined with the support of weekly teleconferences, Mastermind days and ability to call for support the KLR Mastermind plays an important role in ensuring graduates maximise their KLR knowledge.

The Mastermind is ONLY available to graduates and we offer the opportunity to join at the school.

"Putting KLR to Work"

Like to know how to hit the ground running? We designed the 3rd day so you can do just that when you get home.

On the 3rd day we run a 1/2 day program, "Putting KLR to Work"

The KLR Marketing school is a 2 1/2 day school and you need to attend the whole program to maximise your

ability to implement what you have learned.

This is about implementing and applying the last 2 days of learning into your own business.
It is time to roll our sleeves up and get to work on the 3rd day of the KLR Marketing School.

This is a day where you can slow down after an intensive 2 days at the KLR Marketing School, where you will be walked through every step on getting started,ask questions, and hear from Mastermind members using KLR.
This day is designed so you get to implement your new knowledge faster.


We walk you through the various tools on your Flash Drive as well as the many tools in the Mastermind program.

The most common question is "How do I get Started?". We spend time taking you through the steps to get you started. 

The 3rd day starts at 8.30am, includes both smoko and lunch, and the formal part of the day finishes with lunch at 12.30pm.

Going on feedback from past graduates, it is essential to take the extra 1/2 day to cement what you learned in the previous 2 days. 



 The KLR Team  believe in what we present, so we offer you a

•••100% Money Back Guarantee•••

Which means, if you are not happy with what you have learnt over the two days, we will pay you back your original investment, in FULL!

Your Investment for the 2 1/2 days :

Individual: $1,650 (inc GST) per person
2nd or 3rd Person from same family business: $1,210 (inc GST)

Repeat : $880 (inc GST) per person

We at KLR believe that this information can benefit couples so much more when both partners attend, therefore we offer a special price for a 2nd or 3rd person from the same family business.

Lunches, Morning and Afternoon Tea are provided and are included in the above price.

Putting KLR to Work - The 3rd Day

After 2 full days of learning you are ready to get started, so we have designed a1/2 day program called Putting KLR to Work.
This allows you to sit back and go through the steps on how how to use the vast array of tools we will be sharing with you.

 KLR Marketing

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