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You Will Go Home With

You will go home with knowledge and tools to make a profit and have cash-flow throughout the whole market cycle. 


  • To know how to calculate your Cost of Carry for each livestock enterprise. 
  • To know which overpriced animals to sell and which underpriced animals to keep. 
  • To be able to determine the true value of your grass. 
  • To market your animals profitably.

Flash Drive


You will receive a Flash Drive loaded with calculators and
videos that will allow you to get started right away

Cattle Trading

Cattle Trading Calculator
Cattle $$/Head Cattle 

Cattle Breeding

Cattle Cost to Produce a Weaner

Sheep Trading

Sheep Trading Calculator  
Lamb Trading Calculator

Sheep Breeding

Sheep cost to Produce a Weaner with Wool
Sheep cost to Produce a Weaner without Wool  

Business Tools

Livestock Inventory Recorder  

Video Training

Step-by-Step Videos on how to use each calculator.  
   Your tuition includes a 200-page manual with a
summary of the school and step-by-step instructions
on implementing the KLR Principles. 

A Marketing and Trading Plan Template for you
to personalise.

Plus an Opportunity to Join KLR Mastermind Group


Like to know how to hit the ground running? We designed the 3rd day so you can do just that when you get home.

On the 3rd day we run a 1/2 day program, "Putting KLR to Work"

The KLR Marketing school is a 2 1/2 day school and you need to attend the whole program to maximise your

ability to implement what you have learned.

KLR Marketing KLR Marketing