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A Sceptic Tackles KLR

Grahame Rees - Monday, January 27, 2014
Mandy and Brian McKeesick

sceptic n.  :       someone who habitually questions accepted knowledge or belief

Whenever something sounds too good to be true I usually follow the adage that it is and I’ll question anything from political climate change to what’s for dinner. So when I first read about KLR Marketing and their claims to make a profit from livestock regardless of the market, my bulldust sensors were on red alert. There were many discussions between my husband and me as to whether we should attend the KLR two-day school and all of those discussions included the question “why”. But hey, the course was in Emerald and I am not one to knock back a road trip and a few days away from the farm so off we went.

Day One of the course was filled with theory and talk and left my head spinning. “What the hell just happened?” I thought at day’s end. The husband was humming with new possibilities but I didn’t get it. And this is where KLR founders, Grahame Rees, Rod Knight and Jim Lindsay, are really sneaky. See they understand different personalities learn in different ways. Day Two started with a practical “sit down and do it” trading game called “Who Ate My Grass” and the learning tables turned. I was on fire; calculating profits in a falling market, selling the overpriced and buying the underpriced and having a ball. Husband sat beside me and muttered, cursed and looked ready to spit it. So my first KLR tip would be: don’t do it alone. Take the other half, or the kids or whoever needs to know about your business.

One good thing about us sceptics is we’ll usually take the time to investigate an issue and follow it through. Same goes for KLR Marketing. If all I’d done was the two-day course I may have remembered the road trip more than the sell/buy principles. KLR is a different concept in the livestock business and, like anything worthwhile, it requires time and dedication to make it work. We joined the Mastermind program and challenged ourselves to make the change. And we did. Without KLR we might have had to go and get off-farm jobs but with their strategies we are hanging in there.

Is KLR going to solve all your problems? Probably not. Is KLR going to give you the tools you can use, even in this drought, to get you out of trouble and get you profitable? Quite possibly. So take that sharp, sceptical mind of yours and give it a go.

At least one sceptic is now a believer.

This article was collated and written by Mandy McKeesick, Coolatai. NSW


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