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KLR Tribute To Bud Williams

Grahame Rees - Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bud Williams (1932-2012)

An Original Thinker, a Hard Taskmaster, a Brilliant Mind.

To live to be of a certain age is an achievement, and to live a life which is full and interesting is something that many of us can only reflect upon.

Not so the life of Bud Williams, his life on the whole has been one of many accomplishments.

So it is an honour to pay our respects to a man who has been productive and successful in his life’s work and whose path is marked by considerable achievements.

Bud Williams was one of the few individuals who powerfully influenced the world in which he lived.

He simply did what he believed was right, never any fanfare or emotion, just clear, simple and concise. Bud never tried to complicate life or business and he sometimes couldn’t understand why ‘we’ couldn’t see or get things. For him, it was simple.

His purpose in life, he said, was to make things better … for animals and for agriculture and he did this the world over. He never set out to do that, it just came into being and he and Eunice saw a need.

His approach to stock handling and livestock marketing was as unique as he was.  They were truly pioneering and ground breaking.

He had the courage to challenge conventional wisdom on many planes and refused to accept, that things could not be different, better or more practical.

As with all people who march to the beat of a different drum, Bud had his detractors, those who were confronted by his directness or challenged by his views.

Bud possessed the ability of original thought, a gift not bestowed on many of us. Every process, every action, every thought was open to his unique appraisal and enabled him to rationalise concepts that were beyond the ability of the rest of us.

His powerful mind also manifested itself in his physical capabilities. He could run faster, further, longer, driven by a mind that would not yield, his ability to withstand temperature extremes, hunger and sheer exhaustion were due to willpower without equal.

He was a hard taskmaster and he expected others to at least attempt to keep up, knowing though, he would outlast them!

In moments of quiet reflection Bud understood that he was different, but by the same token had little tolerance for those who challenged him with their own belligerent ignorance.

He often said we never take the time to think, and that an enquiring mind seeks to observe, understand and ponder.

Like many brilliant minds before him Bud suffered derision at the hands of others, and thus succumbed to periods of self-imposed exile where he removed himself from the madding world.

Bud Williams however was not a quitter and he emerged from these sojourns stronger, wiser and even more inspirational.

As an educator Bud was able to teach from experience not a text, his were not theories nor conjecture but hard facts. He lived what he taught, practiced what he preached and constantly fine-tuned his teaching methods, right up to the last.

He was generous with his time, his money and his thoughts, and while a few tried to take advantage, no one ever got the better of Bud Williams.

While at times he found it hard to interact with people, it was his generosity of spirit that meant his life had been devoted to helping the very people he sometimes struggled to understand.

In a world where success is measured by wealth Bud simply gave away what he had, time and time again. Many espouse the theory of selflessness but few live it truly the way Bud & Eunice did.

He lived in that magnificent place where no one could harm him, where his mind was his own, where material possessions were more a hindrance than a help and where he could truly say he was his own man.

The legacy of Bud Williams reaches far and wide, reshaping an industry that often refused to be changed.


Bud and Eunice were unique in every aspect, a team, solid and dependable.

There would be no KLR if not for Bud & Eunice Williams. We, Jim & Terry, Grahame & Ros, Rod & Isobel have been blessed in a way that is difficult to fully comprehend.

To have had the opportunity to be tutored by, to work with and to have shared a friendship with a man of Buds’ calibre has been simply a remarkable experience.

His generosity in sharing his knowledge with us and his encouragement and passionate determination that we share that knowledge with others is a legacy that has changed the world for many people.

Poignantly we acknowledge this debt and reluctantly we say goodbye.

Bud died as he had lived, without fuss, without fanfare, simply slipping away leaving us richer, wiser and more capable than when he found us.

Farewell Bud.

Knight, Lindsay & Rees Families



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