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KLR at Beef Week

Grahame Rees - Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Once every 3 years Rockhampton hosts Beef Week where everyone associated with the beef industry gets together, including international visitors.This was the 3rd Beef week KLR has had a site where graduates,mastermind members get to catch up with Grahame, Rod and Jim.It is also a chance for us to meet new people and explain how KLR can assist them with their livestock marketing.Before we even got to Rockhampton Grahame took time to check out the new KLR Billboard on the Leichhardt Highway, just south of Westwood, QLD.


Over 90,000 people were said to go through the gates.This rather large bullock was there at the gate to greet everyone as they entered - he was displayed by Mastermind members Luke and Will Comiskey. There was plenty for people to see and do with equipment on display,seminars,and stands such as our own KLR site.


Rod also got to spend some quality time with Isobel as the Proagtive site was right next door.

The feature event of the week for KLR was the Breakfast we hosted in town where 85 people came to listen to Grahame, Rod and Jim speak and celebrate our 10 year anniversary. They shared how the school started with going to the Bud Williams Marketing school, the development of the KLR school and how it has grown and changed as they applied the knowledge in their own business's.There is an equal balance in the teaching of the school for both breeders and backgrounders.

Rod said "If you have not been to a KLR school this year then one thing you will notice is the whole 2nd morning teaching is on the "KLR Breeder Workbook." and how KLR works for breeders.



The breakfast provided a great opportunity to network and meet new people visiting Beef week.

Thanks to the work by several people who ensured KLR had a great profile at Beef Week - Anna Charlton, Anna Tickle and Ashley Rees,for promotions and ideas, Sara Westaway for graphic design and Carlie Rees for producing the framed sign, banners and promotional material.

 Bookings are now open for the 2016 KLR School's  

Call Grahame today on 0428 953 925 to see what KLR Marketing could do for your livestock operation.

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A New High for KLR Marketing

Anna Tickle - Monday, December 29, 2014

KLR Marketing has transformed the landscape of livestock marketing into a revolutionary new scene that is instigating viability and profitability in farming operations Australia-wide. 

As the first of its kind, the KLR Breeder Workshop held at Hughenden, Queensland, on the 19th and 20th November has provided a wealth of exciting tools for participants to implement in their own livestock operations.

Fifty students travelled from various regions of Queensland and New South Wales for the forum, where on the first day they were exposed to decision-making tools for breeders. On the second day attendees got to hear from renowned South African Grazing Management Consultant, Dick Richardson.

Mr. Richardson’s proven methods of grazing management have thrived in the challenging Australian landscape KLR members know well.

One KLR Mastermind member, Jane Weir, travelled from Amelia Downs, 140 kilometres north of Charters Towers along with parents Prue and John to attend.

The Weir family runs a breeding and backgrounding operation, which has been constantly analysed and improved over time using KLR principles.

“The Breeder Workshop created an invigorating forum for discussion and constructive feedback on each of our enterprises in a comfortable, positive environment,” Jane commented.

“The Workshop has allowed us to think outside the box and challenge our own beliefs about grazing systems and decisions relating to keeping or selling stock.”

Members like Jane are energised by the incredible support network that exists within the Mastermind group, which assists them in moving forward with the next step for each of their enterprises.

The KLR formula is proving to work exactly the same for breeders as it does for backgrounders, clearly shown through the commitment of members like Jane.

KLR members are increasingly finding themselves better equipped to analyse their businesses on a regular basis and thus make effective critical decisions.

The KLR conversation is exciting and thought provoking, and continues to question convention in an inspiring way.

Rod Knight and Grahame Rees with Luke Westaway from Topex

Sasha King, Will Comiski and William Treloar

Tim McGras with Dick Richardson.

Interested in finding out more about KLR Marketing ?

Join Grahame, Rod and Jim as they share

 "What's KLR all about ?"

Download your Free Audio ~ "What's KLR All About?"

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