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2017 - KLR in the Media

Grahame Rees - Tuesday, October 25, 2016

5 stories featured in rural media this year about KLR Clients.

KLR in the Media

Over the last 13 years, Jim, Grahame and Rod have shared "Bud Williams" principles of marketing through the very popular KLR Marketing school. 

So who would benefit from attending  KLR school ? To give you some idea

  • Small producers with a few head to very large producers 

  • Breeders of sheep and cattle

  • Backgrounders of sheep and cattle

  • Young producers just getting started to very experienced producers

  • Any livestock producer looking to better manage market risk

  • Any livestock producer looking to make more profitable marketing decisions.

  • Any livestock producer looking to increase cashflow.

Graduates cover  all areas of Australia, South Africa, New Zealand,Canada, USA and England.

To find out "What's KLR All About?" grab a free 75 minute Audio CD or Read about the 5 business's using KLR below.

Market Knowledge Vital

Mike and Maureen Borello come from Mt Emu Plains north of Hughenden, plus they have country between Longreach and Muttaburra, as well as  Bollon. As you can imagine it takes quite some skills in the area of grass,money and livestock management to keep all this together.

Working with other family members and managers, they spend time ensuring everyone is up to speed with training and management skills.

The Borello's use the KLR principles in both their breeding and backgrounding enterprises, making decisions daily on their pasture management and marketing decisions that are profitable.

Being part of the KLR Mastermind and going to regular Hughenden meetings has given them support, especially during the recent dry season.

Mike Borello is talking to manager Ben Daly in the image below, read the QCL article by clicking on the image.

Agistment paves the road to the future

Will Comiskey

Will Comiskey at the time of writing this story does not own any land yet that has not stopped him to build a herd of 2,500  cattle using agistment.

After attending the KLR school and joining the Mastermind, he has worked hard to develop his marketing skills, build relationships and learning how to run a profitable cattle business without owning a cattle station.

Will was featured in the following article in QCL, click on the image to read full article.

Get smart for a land boost

Matt and Marie Doyle run a livestock business at Yass in NSW, where they background cattle using the KLR principles. Being active Mastermind members, they have used the KLR tools and strategies in both rising and falling markets successfully. Managing market risk is a priority for the Doyle's and KLR has helped mitigate those risks.

Read more in "The Land Newspaper" article below.

Matt Doyle

Jim and Terry Lindsay run a brahman breeding and backgrounding business at Hughenden in Queensland. Jim is the "L" in KLR and uses the KLR principles in his own beef operation. Jim has been using these methods since 2003 when Bud Williams first introduced him to his marketing methods.

Central Station featured the Lindsay family in their blog - read more below.

Boggabilla couple reaping rewards of converting cropping business to cattle trading enterprise

Richard and Janet Doyle  from Bogabilla, NSW say KLR has given them more confidence when making decisions to sell and buy cattle in their operation.

Read the full Article in QCL below.

What’s that you say? KLR Marketing for Sheep? Still works the same.

Anna Tickle - Thursday, April 09, 2015

What’s that you say? KLR Marketing for Sheep? 
Still works the same.~ Mastermind members Dan Hunt and Stuart Belcher tell us how.

The Chinese zodiac tells us that 2015 is the Year of the Sheep, and KLR Marketing is proud to be supporting a host of sheep producers through their tried and tested principles.

Take Dan Hunt of “Moonganna”, Walcha in the New England of New South Wales, for example.

After decades of running Merinos, Dan now runs 550 first-cross ewes that are mated to Poll Dorset rams. The reason for this change of direction can be credited to the principles of KLR, which according to Dan provided more leverage in the market.

“I felt that I had more control over my operation when I used the KLR system in producing fat lambs,” Dan commented.

“About five years ago, I completed the school to increase the profitability of my cattle trading enterprise.”

Click image to hear from Dan Hunt
“However, I quickly learnt that the same tools can be utilised with success in both sheep trading and breeding, and I’ve been using these ever since,” Dan added.

Sheep weaners on “Moonganna” are sold at optimum time as per the teachings of KLR, and Dan prides himself on calculating the best use of grass according to the type of stock he runs. 

“I’m impressed with the KLR offering for breeders as well as traders,” he said.

“I see the benefits for both kinds of producers.”

Like Dan, Stuart Belcher is a Mastermind member and has completed the KLR School twice. He enjoys the networking opportunities that go hand in hand with the KLR experience.

Stuart runs a dry sheep trading enterprise on “Elmslea”, Euroa, in Southern Victoria. 

Click on image to hear from Stuart Belcher
“As a sheep trader, my trades tend to be shorter than those with cattle, due to the shorter breeding season,” Stuart said.

“KLR works exactly the same in terms of sheep trading in that it enables the producer to calculate the most profitable time to keep and sell stock.”

For Stuart, it’s all about being able to calculate profits and losses, rather than guessing; a benefit that is expressed by KLR participants regularly.

“The KLR principles take the emotion out of decision-making, which enables me to make more viable choices in my enterprise.”

 KLR Marketing is about thinking outside the box and through challenging pre-conceived notions about livestock breeding and trading, members are seeing results.

 Bookings are now open for the 2015 Bathurst Winter School to be held 28 - 30th July as well as Brisbane 27 - 29 October.

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