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New ideas for livestock marketing in Tasmania

Anna Tickle - Saturday, February 14, 2015

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New ideas for livestock marketing in Tasmania


KLR has broadened the horizons of livestock marketing in Tasmania, with a school at                Launceston from 14th to 16th January attracting 12 agents among a large group of participants.

Roberts Livestock is the leading livestock agency in Tasmania, with roots grounded in 1865                        and 40 full time livestock specialists.


                  Warren Johnston, Roberts State Livestock Manager with agent Bill Aldridge                                              who also came to Bathurst in 2014 

Warren Johnston, Roberts State Livestock Manager, said that KLR Marketing initially appeared on his radar through a client that was planning to attend an upcoming school.

“Roberts sent two agents to the Bathurst School in July 2014 and both returned with raving reports about the vast opportunities it introduced,” Warren commented.

“We’re satisfied that KLR presents eye-opening concepts that give many of our staff vital knowledge about smarter livestock marketing.

There is so much to learn that we will be back in 6-12 months to do it again.”

Roberts Agents ~ Chris Cusick, Josh Perry and Daryl Cornish

Some of Roberts’ younger agents spoke particularly highly of the course, with three participants saying it was ‘the best [they] had ever experienced’.

Grahame Rees of KLR Marketing is confident about the success of KLR principles in Tasmania as a prominent breeding state.

“It is invigorating to help participants understand important aspects of livestock marketing such as calculating the cost of carry and effectively managing the three crucial inventories; grass, money and livestock,” he said.

Grahame said that it was particularly important for agents to understand concepts such as why it might be profitable for some breeders to hold stock through to feedlot weight, while different breeders may sell stock as weaners.

 “It’s a new paradigm that is instigating profitability in livestock operations across Australia            and we are pleased to be involved with Roberts Livestock in this way.”

  Roberts Agent Bec Oakley

 KLR Marketing is about thinking outside the box and through challenging pre-conceived notions about livestock breeding and trading, members are seeing results.

 Bookings are now open for the 2015 Bathurst Winter School to be held 28 - 30th July as well as Brisbane 27 - 29 October.

Call Grahame today on 0428 953 925 to see what KLR Marketing could do for your livestock operation.

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